Township Comprehensive Sewer Project


The Board of Supervisors, in conjunction with North Strabane Township Municipal Authority (NSTMA), have authorized the final phase of the Linden Creek Watershed Sewer System to alleviate the pollution problems in Little Chartiers Creek and to preserve the natural integrity of this high quality trout stream.

Currently, all unsewered areas adjacent to Linden Creek utilize some type of on-lot sewage system (septic tank, leach field / drain field, or sand mound). A high percentage of these on-lot systems are malfunctioning and contributing to the pollution of the Linden Creek watershed. The watershed has an on-lot failure rate of 70 to 90%. The proposed gravity sewers would eliminate the majority of these on-lot septic systems and also be capable of supporting future growth in all areas of the watershed. 

Authorization & Assistance

NSTMA, in compliance with the Township’s Act 537 Plan and Federal Clean Streams regulations, authorizes the construction of these projects. The gravity sewer extensions will discharge into existing gravity sewers in the Township, which convey sewage into NSTMA’s Route 19 Pump Station for treatment at the Canonsburg Houston Joint Authority (CHJA) Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

NSTMA, with the assistance of the Township, has taken advantage of low interest rates in 2014 through the issuance of $8,800,000 in revenue bonds to fund the current and future sanitary sewer projects listed below.