Washington County Animal Rescue Team

Large Animal Rescue of North Strabane Township Fire Department responds to incidents that involve domesticated, livestock, and exotic animals. These incidents include:

  • Animals in any imaginable peril in Washington and surrounding Counties
  • Entrapments
  • Evacuations
  • Structure/barn fires
  • Motor vehicle accidents


Team Members Technical skills include certifications at the State and Federal level for:

  • Advanced Life Support (ALS)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Basic Vehicle Rescue (BVR)
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • HAZMAT Operations
  • Human/Animal CPR/AED
  • Ice Rescue
  • Incident Command (ICS)
  • Large and Small Animal Emergency Sheltering
  • Large Animal Rescue (LAR) and Technical Large Animal Response (TLAR)
  • National Incident Management (NIMS)
  • Rope Rescue
  • Swift Water Rescue

Safety is our primary concern.

Community Outreach Services

Community Outreach includes Save Your Horse, A Safety Seminar for Horse Owner’s has been an ongoing success with more than 12 seminars since 2009.  The 4-hour seminar covers aspects of LAR incidents, Safe Horse Hauling, Barn Safety, including Barn Fires, Trail Riding, and Pasture Safety, including liabilities of a loose animal.  Though this seminar is equine based, the information can be applied to all animals, and most important transcends into the daily lives of those who attend.


Our equipment is specialized, expensive, and cannot be used on/for Human Rescue. During one animal-related incident, we can damage a multitude of equipment that cannot be used again, and therefore must be destroyed.  We also in special circumstances, such as an Owner being incapacitated, will cover the cost associated with the care and well being of an animal.


Our incidents since inception in 2009 include 36 large animals, 9 small animals, and 2 exotic animals.


Check back for future training schedules.