The North Strabane Township Fire Department began back in 1965, where the residents had traditionally up to this point received fire protection from nearby Canonsburg Borough. The North Strabane Township Fire Department was charted in 1967. The first piece of equipment was an FWD Howe pumper, the second piece was a tanker donated from Water Boys, and the third piece was a Chevy pick-up truck nicked named “Grass Hopper” for use as a brush truck. The department acquired property where Freight Liquidators was on State Route 19. In 1991 was when the primary station was built at the address:
2550 Washington Road
Canonsburg, PA 15317

Second Location

In 1979, property was donated to the Fire Department for a second station on Thomas 84 Road near Route 519. In 2018 The station was decommissioned, and the property sold due to the inability to get modern fire apparatus into the station. 

Third Location

As the township continues to expand, the department opened a third station in October of 2012. The station is located on Johnson Road in the area of the Meadows Casino.

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Staff / Volunteers

The Fire Department is a combination department that is comprised of 25 career firefighters and 28 active volunteers, of which 2 are life members over 20 years of service to the community and continue to respond to calls. The department has 10 retired life non-active members and of that 10, only 1 is a charter member of the department. He is still active within the department! The department also has 9 social members who help out with social and community functions. 

The department operates with a fleet of 15 vehicles.

Programs & Training

The department also has a Junior Firefighter program, which is any resident of the township or surrounding community between the ages of 16 and 18 years of age. Training is conducted on Monday evenings throughout the year as well as a few weekend training sessions.

Additional Information

The fire department strongly supports and is active in fire protection, which has placed us 3rd in the state of Pennsylvania, along with Canonsburg Fire Department for fire prevention. Residents can call for a Station Tour, block party visit, birthday party or any type of other services. The fire department is always looking for new members.

Looking back from humble beginnings, the department has grown as our township continues to grow.