• Have you ever heard a siren or seen a fire engine with its lights on - and wondered what was happening?
  • Have you ever been a witness of, or come upon a motor vehicle accident - and wanted to help?
  • Have you been there when someone was stricken with sudden illness - and wanted to assist?
  • Do you want to become more involved in your community?


The North Strabane Township Fire Department is looking for volunteers! The North Strabane Township Fire Department is a combination fire department comprised of full-time, part-time and volunteer firefighters and administrative personnel. There are several opportunities to contribute as a volunteer for this service organization:

Active Membership

Respond to emergencies which threaten the safety of citizens and/or their property. These emergencies may be fires, medical emergencies or rescue events. Firefighters also participate in many public relations, fundraising, fire prevention, and team building events.

Categories of Membership

  • Active Membership: There are 4 specific categories for Active Membership to participate:
    • Driver/Operator: Firefighters who wish to respond and only drive the apparatus will be required to complete a minimum certification and proficiency.
    • EMS: Firefighters who are interested will be given an opportunity to be trained in Emergency Medical Services through Pennsylvania Department of Health.
    • Rescue Operations: Firefighters who are interested will have opportunities for specialized and advanced training in rescue scenarios including but not limited to Basic Vehicle Rescue, Water/Ice Rescue, and Rapid Intervention (RIT).
    • Structural/Fire: Firefighters who receive training in fire response tactics, fire behavior, building construction and self-contained breathing apparatus use (Essentials of Firefighting). Advanced training in these topics is expected for those responding to fire emergencies. This category contains some requirements for members to be eligible to respond.
  • Associate Membership: For those who want to volunteer, but do not want to respond to emergencies. This is a newly developed membership classification for those who may want to give back to the community in an administrative and supportive role.
  • Benefits: Some additional benefits offered to volunteers include: 
    • Exercise equipment
    • Life insurance
    • Membership eligibility to the Washington Area Federal Credit Union life insurance and expense reimbursement/paid on call
    • Professional and experienced hands-on and classroom training provided free of charge
    • Service/reimbursement award


  • To pick up an application, our station is located at:
    Fire Station 2
    1032 Route 519 Eighty-Four, Pa 15330
  • You can also download an application (PDF)!
  • You can call 724-745-1010 or email us with any questions.