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Residential Building Permit Application

  1. North Strabane Township
    Department of Building Code Enforcement
    1929 Route 519 South
    Canonsburg, PA 15317

    Phone: 724-745-8880
    Fax: 724-745-8935
  2. Residential Building Permit Application Requirements
    Construction drawings are necessary to obtain a building permit for most structures. Only complete applications that include construction drawings and other required documents, as described below will, be accepted for review.

    Once plans are submitted, any revision to the project that alters the original description must be approved.

    This checklist is provided to insure you have all materials necessary to submit for your project. This checklist will be used to review your application submittal for acceptance. Plans will not be accepted if the checklist is not followed.

    An unlicensed person may prepare plans for one and two story wood-framed single family dwellings, accessory structures, and decks in conformance with conventional construction provisions; however, the Building Code Official may require some structural plans and specifications by a licensed engineer or architect. An architect or engineer, registered in the State of Pennsylvania, must prepare calculations, plans, and specifications for any other project.

    Questions or to schedule an appointment contact the building department.
  3. General Requirements for Submittal (as Applicable)
    • Completed Permit Application. 
    • Signed and Sealed survey. 
    • Proof of property ownership. (Deed or Tax Receipt) 
    • Home Owners Association approval, if applicable 
    • Contractors Certificate of Workers Compensation, listing the Township as the certificate holder, or workers comp waiver. 
    • Completed Residential Sprinkler Supplemental. (Detached single family homes only) 
    • Energy compliance documentation. (Res-Check or Prescriptive Details) 
    • Proof of accepted means of sewage disposal. (septic / municipal) 
    • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Highway Occupancy Permit, if accessing a state highway. 
    • Application for road occupancy if accessing township road. 
    • All documents which are prepared by state licensed professional(s) shall be stamped and wet signed (including revisions) before issuance of permits. 
    • 3 complete sets of architectural / structural drawings in sufficient detail to review for code compliance. 
    • For townhomes, duplexes and commercial sites; provide a separate application and address or designation for each unit, building, or structure.
  4. Residential Building Permit Application
  5. Applicant Information
  6. Applicant is:*
  7. Owner Information (if different from applicant)
  8. Property Information
  9. Zoning Information
  10. Purpose of Application*
  11. Declaration of Applicant
    I hereby certify that all the statements contained above are, to the best of my knowledge, true and correct and hereby apply for a building permit to perform the work on the premises as described above. I further understand that I must comply with the provisions of all laws and ordinances as adopted by the Township and the Unified Construction Code of Pennsylvania.
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