Snow Removal

Snow Removal

The Public Works Department maintains a fleet of 11 trucks equipped with plows and salt spreaders. Normal response time to apply salt to all streets maintained by the Township is 2 to 3 hours. The normal response time needed to plow, clear and salt is at least 5 to 6 hours.

State-owned roads for which the Township contractually provides snow removal services are Boone Avenue, Latimer Avenue, Chartiers Avenue, and Thomas Road from Water Dam Road to the Peters Township and North Strabane Township border.

During normal business hours, if a heavy snow or ice storm occurs, the Director will evaluate road conditions and schedule staff to maintain the roads.  After hours and during the weekends, the Township Police will evaluate road conditions.  If deemed necessary, the Police Department will call 911 to notify the Public Works Director of the road conditions.  He will call out Public Works personnel to clear the roads. 


The goal of the Township is to have all roads and streets passable within a reasonable amount of time.  Users of the Township road system are reminded to exercise caution and drive with care. It may not be possible to drive at the legal speed limit during snow and ice conditions.

Plowing Restrictions

Township residents are reminded that it is unlawful to plow or shovel snow onto or across public streets and roadways. Piles of snow left on or near a road can freeze into a solid mass, creating a hazardous situation for vehicles or snowplows. Accidents and /or damages caused by snow piles placed in the roadway may result in liability to the property owner.

Please do not park on Township streets or roads during winter storms so the salt and plow trucks can clear the areas more effectively. Any vehicle left parked or standing in violation of this section may deem a hazard and towed at the owner's expense. Said vehicle may be removed to and stored in the designated impounding facility. Said vehicle may not be released to the owner or operator until all costs of removing, towing, and storage of the vehicle shall first be paid to the impound facility.